Tips To Help Recover From Gallbladder Surgery

As we get older our bodies start to wear out and start to need different surgery procedures.  One surgery that many of us may need as we get older is gallbladder surgery.  This surgery is fairly common and when researching Gallbladder Surgery rock hill you will find these tips useful for a speedy recovery.


The first thing that you will need to do and what your doctor will tell you is that you need to limit your diet.  For the first few days you will want to consume clear liquids, gelatins and broth.  These foods will allow you to get nutrition into your body but won’t upset or agitate your body

Introduce solid foods slowly

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After a week or so of liquids your body will be wanting solid foods.  You will want to introduce them slowly.  You want to have meals that have no more than three grams of fat in them and you want to have small portions.  Consider eating small snacks throughout the day to get your body accustomed to solid foods again.

Consume fiber

It is important that when you start consuming food again that you consume foods with fiber.  As humans we can’t digest fiber, however, it is used to help our digestive system move foods better through our system.

Avoid fried foods or foods high in fat

You want to avoid fried chicken and all those greasy foods you used to consume on a regular basis.  Fat and grease are going to irritate your bowels and your stomach.  Try to use this time to adjust your diet to a healthier way or living.

Look for food substitutes

Many of the foods that we consume do have some form of substitution we can add.  This can be spices, ingredients and more.  Feel free to experiment and use this surgery as a way to change your eating and lifestyle habits.