Cool Tips You Can Do In Your Home

There are going to be a lot of cool things that you can do in your home to improve it or just make things easier.  For many of these you can hire a handyman near me in elgin, il to come in and get them done, or you can look at testing them out yourself.

Finding a light switch in the dark

It is three a.m. and you are waking up to go to the bathroom.  You fumble in the dark for your phone or try to find the light switch.  Well, a neat trick is to get some fluorescent paint and paint the tip or the handle of your light switch.  This will then glow in the dark allowing you to easily see it.

Extending grooming sheers

There are going to be times you need to get out there and cut down a few limbs.  Of course, you want to hire someone to come in who has the right tools, but in a pinch, you can take your sheers and attach small PCP pipes to the end.  These pipes will give you an extra length and grip so you can go in and quickly get the job done.

Makeshift phone protector

If you are someone who is always working with their hands and supplies that drip such as paint, you will want to consider creating something that will protect your phone.  True, you may have a phone cover, however, this can still allow these items on your phone.  One thing that you can do is put your phone in a Ziploc or other plastic bag.  This way you can still see and use the buttons and your phone is protected.

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Measuring your money

We are always wanting to make our money grow or work for us.  However, if we work with our money it can be a great benefit as well.  A standard dollar bill is about six inches long.  Well it is a little bigger, but if you know it is six inches long, you can always use it to measure items that you need to cut, or otherwise know the measurement of.